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Athens is the capital and largest city of Greece.

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Thessaloniki is the second-largest city in Greece.

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Crete, Greece's largest island, is known for its varied terrain, which ranges from fine-sand beaches at Elafonisi to the White Mountains.

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Corfu, an island off Greece’s northwest coast in the Ionian Sea.

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Rhodes, the largest of Greece’s Dodecanese islands beach resorts.

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Kefalonia (Cephalonia) is an island in the Ionian Sea, west of mainland Greece.

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Zakynthos (Zante) is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea and a well-known summer resort.

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Mykonos is an island in the Cyclades group in the Aegean Sea.

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Santorini is one of the Cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea, Greece.

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Kalamata is the second most populous city of the Peloponnese peninsula, after Patras, in Greece.

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Porto Cheli is a summer resort town in the municipality of Ermionida in the southeastern part of Argolis, Greece.

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Kos, one of Greece’s Dodecanese islands, is known for its abundant sandy beaches.

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Samos is a Greek island in the eastern Aegean Sea, south of Chios, north of Patmos and the Dodecanese.

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Kalamata VIP Services
Kalamata VIP charter services

Vip services in Kalamata, Greece

(Greek: Καλαμάτα Kalamáta) is the second most populous city of the Peloponnese peninsula, after Patras, in southern Greece and the largest city of the homonymous administrative region. The capital and chief port of the Messenia regional unit, it lies along the Nedon River at the head of the Messenian Gulf. The 2011 census recorded about 70,000 inhabitants for the wider Kalamata Municipality, of which, about 62,000 resided in the municipal unit of Kalamata proper. Kalamata is renowned as the land of the Kalamatianos dance and Kalamata olives. The modern name Kalamáta is a corruption of the older name Καλάμαι, Kalámai, "reeds". The phonetic similarity of Kalamáta with the phrase "kalá mátia" ("good eyes") has led to various folk etymologies. The municipality Kalamata was formed at the 2011 by the merger of the following 4 former municipalities, that became municipal units: Arfara, Aris, Kalamata, Thouria. The municipality has an area of 440.313 km2, the municipal unit 253.279 km2.

The natural beauty of Messinia with the indented shores, sandy beaches, forested mountains and fertile valleys, coexists with significant archaeological monuments. Kalamata, the capital and central port of Messinia, is situated at the site of ancient Farai. Following independence from the Turks and thanks to the exploitation of the fertile Messinian lands (producing olive oil, raisins, figs etc), it developed into a wealthy urban centre and a significant port. It is located 238 km SW of Athens. Kalamata has a Mediterranean Climate (Csa) with mild, and wet winters and dry, hot summers. In the summer months, charter and scheduled flights fly direct to Kalamata International Airport from some European cities. A scheduled service by Aegean Air once a day linking Kalamata and Athens International Airport commenced in 2010. Kalamata International Airport (Greek: Κρατικός Αερολιμένας Καλαμάτας) (IATA: KLX, ICAO: LGKL) "Captain Vassilis Constantakopoulos" is an airport in the city of Kalamata, Greece. It mainly receives flights during the summer. Private jet charter, helicopter transfer flight and luxury yacht charter are also availible to or from Kalamata, welcome to Greece VIP services!

Tourism in Kalamata - Travel & Leisure

Welcome to Kalamata, Greece! Kalamata is serviced by a variety of transportation means, forming the largest mass transit system of Greece. The Kalamata Mass Transit System consists of a large bus fleet, a trolleybus fleet that mainly serves Kalamata's city center, the city's Metro, a commuter rail service and a tram network, connecting the southern suburbs to the city centre. Kalamata is served by the Kalamata International Airport (ATH), located near the town of Spata, in the eastern Messoghia plain, some 35 km (22 mi) east of Kalamata. Kalamata airport, awarded the "European Airport of the Year 2004" Award, is intended as an expandable hub for air travel in southeastern Europe and was constructed in 51 months, costing 2.2 billion euros. It employs a staff of 14,000. The airport is served by the Metro, the suburban rail, buses to Piraeus port, Kalamata' city centre and its suburbs, and also taxis. The airport accommodates 65 landings and take-offs per hour, with its 24-passenger boarding bridges, 144 check-in counters and broader 150,000 m2 (1,614,587 sq ft) main terminal; and a commercial area of 7,000 m2 (75,347 sq ft) which includes cafés, duty-free shops, and a small museum. Kalamata contributes very much to the tourism industry of the entire Greek country suggesting a long list of archaeological sites, archaic monuments and old towns. Tourism in Kalamata is highly developed all year round, although the most popular months are from April to October. The weather is really enjoyable during those months, and the crowds of tourists are still far from sight, which makes visits to archaeological sites, museum and places a lot easier, and the rooms cheaper to book.

Best places to visit in Kalamata

The point of reference par excellence in the city of Kalamata is the legendary “castle of Isabeau” where the renowned International Dance Festival takes place annually. It is amphitheatrically constructed on the site of the Farai acropolis offering a bird’s eye view of the city. Constructed in the 13th century by William Villehardouin, it underwent subsequent additions and conversions by the Venetians and the Turks. Nowadays, it is an ideal open air venue for theatre, music and dance shows. No less beautiful is the exquisite Palia Poli (Old City) at the foot of the Castle. The wider region boasts the Metropolitan Panagia Ipapanti church (1873), the patron saint of Kalamata celebrated on February 2nd, the 12th century Kalograion Monastery with the renowned silk weaving workshop, and the Byzantine church Agioi Apostoloi (13th century) with the brick enclosed masonry. The area is the hotspot for the city’s youth, for it is the beating heart of the nightlife in Kalamata and by no means will it be still! Attractions: The City Hall, The Modern Greek Art Gallery, with paintings, sculptures and carvings. The Benakeion Archaeological Museum (housed in the neoclassical building of the old Municipal agora) with findings dating from the Bronze Age to the Roman period. The spacious central Vassileos Georgiou (King George) square with many coffee shops, meeting places and strolling venues for residents and visitors. The pedestrian walkway of Aristomenous Street starts here with many stores and coffee shops to populate it.

Top places to visit in Kalamata you have to see to experience the best of Greece’s tourism. So pack your bags and grab your passport because you’re going to want to book a flight to Greece...

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